End of Lockdown Party

The New way of social events after Lockdown

Finally something to celebrate in a new social style of events. With the size of our venue we can easy put on an event in a safe and secure environment for you. On 11th of July we are planning a small party at The Burton Ritz with live music from Halo. This group performs the likes of The Beetles, The Who, AC/DC, Blur Steriophonics Radio Head and many more.


Fingers crossed we can soon be together so we are getting ready and don’t want to miss out.


Since Lockdown all pubs and venues have been closed and also Will be the last places to re-open. Things are going to be a lot different for a long time in social gatherings so we have come up with an idea so you can still go out and enjoy a drink, listen to live music and be safe.

As like every thing we have had to limit the number of people allowed in to the venue subject to government guidelines.

Here is how it will work. You will order your ticket at £5* for each person (minimum 4people and maximum 6 people) This will get you your own table also on the ticket you should of chosen a drink from our bar menu.

When you enter the venue, you will be shown to your table then you present your tickets which includes your drink voucher and it will be delivered to your table. for every other drink you require all you do is hold up the flag on the table and a member of staff will come and take your order.

1,Payments will be contactless only.

2,There will be one way into the venue (the Main door) and one way out of the venue (the side door)

3, Only 2 people will be allowed in the toilets at any one time

4, The £5* ticket gets you 1 drink from our drink menu (spirits will be single measure only)

5, The date we are hoping to open will be 4th of July. If things have changed and we can not go ahead then your ticket will stay valid until we are allowed to re-open. If you can not make that day then you can change it to another day within 4 weeks

6, When purchasing tickets only add 1 drink per ticket

7, Over 18s only to order

8, Contactless temperature checks on arrival

9, Sanitizer on hands on arrival

10, There is a booking fee through Eventbrite

11, All drinks are subject to availability or other options will be available

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